DLY-7/7G Air Ion Counter (full-automatic intelligent instrument)

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Connect To GPRS Through The "DTU"

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Connect To Computer with RS232 Interface

Through a team adapter of RS-232 back to the machine can connect to a computer. Installation and operation the software in the machine can show results on the computer(Pictured right below)and process data.Besides,you can use the computer to control the operation of the machine.

The model DLY-7 Air Ion Counter is a full-automatic intelligent instrument. It can automatic monitor the ion concentration for 24 hours continuously. It can record the test result automatically and transmit the test data to the computer. The transmission way can be both wired or wireless. So, the DLY-7 is specially fit to monitor the air ion concentration variation. It is benefit to the meteorology, environment protects  and living home to do actual time measurement. The bi-directional interfaces allow users to set up their own programs by changing the parameters of the software on line to fit their own requirement.

·  Measure interval time: (15 minutes,30 minutes,60 minutes)

·  Automatic measure Mode: automatically change ion polarity, measure repeat according to the interval time

·  Manual measure Mode: Repel moisture , change ion polarity, pump air, get reading

·  Record test data 24 hours around-the-clock

·  Inquire history record data: check the history record and draw the curve of the ion concentration.

·  dehumidity : keep the air ion counter in dry state when working in high moisture condition (humidity>80% RH )

·  Display year/month/date/hour/minute/

·  LCD back light led : on/off

·  Computer interface: RS-232 or USB connector

The Dly-7 air ion counter can be connected to personal computer by a RS-232 or USB interface. Install and run the accessary software can show the test results on the computer ( as the pictured shown below) and control the air ion counter on the computer.

Ion concentration range:
Measure Range: 6
x 107 (ions/cm3)
Mobility:0.15 (cm2/V·sec)
Resolution: 10 ions/cm3
Accuracy : ±10%rdg
Drawing air velocity: 180 cm/second
Power supply:
DC:  Lithium battery 14.4V/2Ah (1), 22.5V (8) 
AC:  220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz 
Warranty: one year
Packing data: 
Dimensions: 605(L)mm x 203(W)mm x 222(H)mm 
If you want manual, please contact us.