KT-7113C Auto Range DMM


  • 3 3/4 digits LCD, with the max. reading of 3999
  • Auto range and Manual Operation
  • Full DMM Function
  • Capacitance, diode, frequency, beeper function
  • Over range: "OL" mark indication
  • Accessories: Test leads,3V battery(1.5V×2 AA)

Accuracy ± (%rdg + digits)
DC Voltage 400mV 1.0%rdg+2d
4/40/400V 0.8%rdg+2d
AC Voltage 400mV 1.8%rdg+5d
4/40/400V 1.0%rdg+3d
750V 1.5%rdg+3d
DC Current 400μ/4000μA 1.2%rdg+2d
40m/400mA 1.5%rdg+2d
10A 2.0%rdg+3d
AC Current 400μ/4000μA 1.8%rdg+3d
40m/400mA 2.0%rdg+3d
10A 2.5%rdg+5d
Resistance (Ω) 400/4K/40K/400K/4MΩ 1.0%rdg+2d
40MΩ 1.5%rdg+2d
Capacitance 4nF 5.0%rdg+25d
40nF 2.5%rdg+10d
400nF/4μF/40μF 2.0%rdg+4d
200μF(>30Sec) Unspecified 
Frequency 9.999Hz Unspecified
99.99- 9.999MHz 0.2%rdg+3d
Temperature -20℃-400℃ 1%rdg+3d
400℃-750℃ 2%rdg+1d
Duty 0.1%-99.9%
Diode Test yes
Continuity If the resistance is less than 50Ω,the beeper sounds continuously
HFE NPN ,PNP 0-1000 1b=10μA approx. Vce=1.5V
Data Hold yes
Dimensions 151(L)mm x 70(W)mm x 38(H)mm
Weight 200g (including Battery)
Pcs/carton 40
N.W. 10kg
G.W. 10.9kg
Packing carton size 41 x 33 x 30cm