KT-408 Battery tester

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  • Test with mobile phone,MP3 and AA,AAA size bettery
  • Power with 3V button Li-ion.
  • DC.inner resistance range:0-1.999/19.99Ω
  • Directly displays battery inner resistance
  • Test battery voltage from 0 to 19.99V
  • Fit to different type battery:lead-acid,Li-ion,Ni-HM,etc
  • Mini size, Easy to bring out ,high performance and low price

Specifications Range

Accuracy ±(%rdg+dgts)

Inner Resistance 0Ω~1.999/19.99Ω
Voltage 0V~19.99V
± 2% +4
Operating Environment 0℃ to 40℃≤80%RH
Deposited environment -20℃~60℃ ≦80%RH
Weight Approx.70g (including battery)
Dimensions 78mm(L) x 27mm(W) x 9mm(H)