KT-401P Mini AIR Ion Tester(test anion ions,peak hold)

Front Panel
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One finger touch on square

Prcss the thumb on the square metal
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Don't touch the sensor plate
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Test Air purifier
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Test textile

Rub on the surface of the cloths 
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Test cloth
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Connect the ground to a good earth (wuter pipe)





  • ● Test range is between 1 x 104 to 1999x104 ions/cm3
  • ● LCD display: max reading of  1999
  • ● Resolution:1 x104 ions/cm3
  • ● Display concentration of  negative air ion
  • ● Check Ion Generator
  • ● Peak Hold
  • ● Attention:don't touch the rear square metal of the tester when testing
  • ● Power supply 2x1.5V button cell battery
  • ● Dimensions:78mm(L) x 27mm(W) x 9mm(H)

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