KT-99/99A Battery Analyzer


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  • Measure battery storage capacity with clamp-on sensor
  • Test battery capacity under it’s real working condition
  • Select different type of battery with discharge end voltage
  • Display current and voltage during testing
  • Display battery parameters and time
  • Auto-alarm when test finish,alternatively data saving
  • Auto backlight on  in dark area
  • Maximal capacity count up to 999.9Ah
  • 4-wires mode impedance measurement Up to 0.01mΩ resolution
  • Operating Environment: 0~40℃ ,<80% R.H
  • Storage Environment : -20~60℃ ,<80% R.H
  • Power supply: Heavy duty 9V Alkaline battery ( IEC-6F22)
  • Accessories: “4 wire” test leads 1 pair
                        “2 wire” test leads 1 pair

Model KT-99 KT-99A
Specifications Range and Accuracy ±(%rdg+dgts)
DC Current 1000A 2%rdg ± 5d 400A 2%rdg ± 5d
400A 2%rdg ± 5d 40A 2%rdg ± 5d
DC Voltage ±60V 0.8%rdg± 3d ±60V 0.8%rdg± 3d
Battery Capacity
999.9Ah 2%rdg ± 5d 999.9Ah 2%rdg ± 5d
Battery Impedance 40Ω 1.0%rdg ± 3d 40Ω 1.0%rdg ± 3d
4Ω 1.0%rdg ± 3d 4Ω 1.0%rdg ± 3d
400mΩ 2%rdg ± 5d 400mΩ 2%rdg ± 5d
40mΩ 2%rdg ± 5d 40mΩ 2%rdg ± 5d