KT-97B Battery Impedance Tester


  • 3 1/2 digits, Max. reading 1999
  • Test battery Impedance, resolution up to 0.01mΩ
  • Test Voltage online
  • Fit to test battery: lead-acid, Li-ion; Ni-HM, etc
  • Test the battery used in UPS,automotive,mobile phone,etc
  • Pure AC 1,000Hz test mode
  • 4 wire test clip with high accuracy
Specifications Range Resolution Accuracy ±(%rdg+dgts)
Resistance 20m/2/20/200 Ω 0.01m/0.1m/0.001/0.01Ω 1.0%rdg+5d
DC Voltage 20/200/1000V 10m/100m/1V 1.0%rdg+5d
AC Voltage 200/750V 1000m/1V 1.5%rdg+10d
Continuity If the resistance is less than 50 Ω,the beeper will sound continuously
Weight Approx.280g (including battery)
Dimensions 182mm(L) x 86mm(W) x 38mm(H)
Accessories "4 wire" test leads ," 2 wire" test leads ,instruction manual ,holster ,color box