SE-1005A Battery Analyzer with capacity & Impedance measurement

Battery Impedance
Range: 60mΩ / 600mΩ / 6 Ω / 60Ω (auto-range)
Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading ±3digits 
Resolution: 0.01mΩ
Range: 6V / 60V (auto-range) 
Accuracy: ±0.8% of reading ±3digits 
Resolution: 0.001V
Range: 60A
Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading ±3digits 
Resolution: 0.01A
Range: 999.99Ah
Accuracy: ±1.5% of reading ±3digits 
Resolution: 0.01Ah
Discharge load:24Ω;

Discharge current rate (option): 2A/48V or 1A/24V.

    For example: to a 48V battery ,the discharge current  rate is 2 A; to a 24V battery,discharge current rate  is about 1A;So,to discharge fully a 48V20Ah battery,will need about 10 hours.


1.if battery capacity larger than 40Ah,please connect to the AC line power with the adaptor  for extending the working  time of the internal batteries.

2.if you want to change the discharge rate:please connect to us.we'll teach you.

 Measure the impedance of any type battery which voltage below 48V, identify the capability of batteries.
A perfect tool for testing the capacity of batteries whose voltage is 48V

A perfect tool for batteries used in vehicle, emergency lighting, alarm, sprinkler systems,
UPS devices, business security and any system using batteries to provide power.