KT-2819 Precision LCR

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  • 320*240 dot-matrix large graphics LCD display
  • Dendriform operation structure with softkeys
  • Test speed up to 200kHz can be programmed with 0.01Hz steps
  • 0.05 test accuracies
  • Measuring with 9 ranges,ensuring high accuracy,stability and identity
  • 2 different signal source output impedances with 30Ω、100Ω
  • Open/Short/Load correction functions
  • List sweep function
  • Test signal level monitor function
  • Level automatic control function for V and I
  • Supplying 0V, 1.5V, 2V inner DC bias voltage

Test Parameters
Test Frequencies 20Hz to 300kHz,0.01Hz Steps,Accuracy 0.01%
Test Level V Normal 5mVrms-2Vrms Constant 5mVrms-1Vrms
C Normal 5μArms-2mArms Constant 100μArms-10mArms
Output Impedance
30Ω, 100Ω Selectable
Accuracy 0.05%("0"After open/short zeroing 23℃±5℃)
Measuring Range Z,R,X 0.01mΩ TO 99.99MΩ ... Y,G,B 0.01nS TO 99.999S
C 0.00001pF TO 9999.99MF ..... L,LK 0.01nH TO 9999.99H
D 0.00001 TO 99999.9 ....... θ -179.999°TO 179.999°(-3.14159 Rad to 3.14159 Rad)
Q 0.01 to 99999.9
Display Resolution
6-Digits Resolution
Measuring Speed (time/sec) FAST32ms,MEDIUM100ms,SLOW500ms(≥1KHz).
Eqiuvalence Circuit Series/Parallel/Auto
Ranging Mode 9 Ranges,Auto/Manual
Tigger Mode Internal/ Manual/ Extrenal
Averaging Times
1 to 255,Programmable
Correction Function
Open/Short Point, Sweep Zeroing/Load Correction
List Sweep
List sweep display up to 4 points frequencieslevelEXT-bias current
Measurement Terminals
Four-terminal pair
List Sweep
List Sweep display up to 11 points frequencylevelinner-bias volt and Ext-bias current
Inner DC Bias
DC Bias Voltage Sourse:0V1.5V2V Selectable
Memory 10 groups control settings, comparator limits and list sweeping values can be stored to internal non-volatile memory
Interface IEEE488(Operation), RS-232C, HANDLER(Operation)
Weight 12kg Approx
Dimensions (W*H*D)