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  •  Improved middle-class LCR meter
  •  20×2 large character LCD display
  •  With back-light
  •  Easy operation with strong functions
  •  Good Readout stability
  •  4 Bins comparator and HANDLER interface
  •  RS-232C interface
  •  Optional operation software

Brief Introduce:
2810A is a universal LCR meter with high accuracy and wide test range. The instrument provides 4 test frequencies up to 10 kHz, 20×2 large characters LCD display and easy operation. So it can be used for incoming inspection, quality control of product line and laboratory use. The HANDLER and RS-232C interfaces can be used to build an automatic test system, communicate with the computer and record test results.


Test Parameter
L - Q, C - D, R - Q, Z - Q
Test Frequency
100 Hz,120 Hz,1 kHz,10 kHz
Test Level
0.3 Vrms ,1 Vrms
Basic Accuracy
Display Range
|Z|, R    0.0001 Ω — 99.999 MΩ
C         0.01 pF — 99999 μF
L         0.01 μH — 9999.9 H
D         0.0001 — 9.999
Q         0.0001 — 9999
△%       0.01% — 9999%
Measuring Speed
Fast: 7.2 Times/s, Slow: 4.2 Times/s
Equivalent Circuit
Series and Parallel
Ranging Mode
Auto and Hold
Trigger Mode
Internal, Manual and External
Correction Function

Open and Short,single and multi frequency Zeroing

Measurement Terminals
5 Terminals
Display Mode
Display digits
20×2 LCD
Primary and secondary display: 5 digits
Output Impedance
30 Ω Min,different with every range
Comparator Function
4 Bins, Sound alarm with P1 Bin.
Operation Temperature And Humidity 0℃ to 40℃, less than 90% RH
Power Requirements 198 V to 242 V AC, 47.5 Hz to 52.5 Hz
Power Consumption less than 20 VA
Dimensions(W×H×D) 350 mm×110 mm×340 mm
Weight 3.5 kg Approx