KT-8321C True RMS DMM



  • 3 3/4 digits LCD display with 3999 counts
  • Over range indication: Display "0L" or "-0L"
  • Auto range, Auto power off
  • AC/DC Current & Voltage Test
  • R, C, F,Temperature Test, Inductance Test
  • True RMS
  • RS232 interface output
  • Power supply: 2 x1.5V R6 UM3 "AA" battery

Specification Range Accuracy±(%rdg+d)
DC Voltage 400mV 1.0%rdg ± 2d
4/40/400V 0.5%rdg ± 2d 
DC1000V 0.8%rdg ± 2d
AC Voltage 400mV (50Hz~20KHz) 1.8%rdg ± 80d 



1.0%rdg ± 80d
750V(50~400KHz) 1.5%rdg ± 15d
DC Current


1.2%rdg ± 2d 
10A(20A) 2.0%rdg ± 3d 
AC Current 400μ/4000μ/(50~20KHz)40m/400mA (50~20KHz) 1.2%rdg ± 2d 
10A(20A)(50~400Hz) unfused
Resistance 400/4K/40K/400K/4MΩ 1.0%rdg ± 2d
40MΩ 1.5%rdg ± 2d
Inductance 4mH/4H 5.0%rdg ± 25d 
40mH 2.5%rdg ± 10d
400mH 2.0%rdg ± 3d
Capacitance 40nF 2.5%rdg ± 10d
400nF/4μF ±2.0%rdg+3
40μF ±2.5%rdg+3
100μF(>30 Sec) ±5.0%rdg+25
Frequency 99.99Hz-9.999MHz
0.2%rdg ± 3d
9.999Hz Unspecified
Temperature 0℃-400℃
1.0%rdg ± 3d
2.0%rdg ± 1d
Continuity If the resistance is less than80(Ω), the beeper sounds continuously
HFE NPN, PNP 0 ~1000 Ib=10uA (Approx)
Dimensions 187(L)mm x 88(W)mm x 37(H)mm
Weight 350g